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Still, Like Air, I'll Rise

Summer 2022

Utilizing photography, archival research, memorabilia and oral histories, the Queensbridge Photo Collective were honored to be artists in residence at MoMA PS1. Their residence culminated in a four month exhibition in the museum's  Homeroom space. The exhibition highlighted the resilience of community through time and the role art, cultural expression, family and faith have played in shaping the identity of The Queensbridge Houses and its residents. Five Corners lead the 5 month residency,  collaborated in the curation of the exhibition, designed a "zine”, which was distributed free of charge by the museum, and created an 18-minute video in which each member of the QB Collective introduced herself to museum visitors. In conjunction with the exhibition QB Photo Collective members lead summer workshops at the museum in collage, dance, jewelry design and crochet.

Each Collective member's personal archive of photographs from the 1940's to the present anchors the installation. 

The Zine designed by 5 Corners Collective with photographs and inspirational quotes from the QB Photo Collective was distributed free of charge by the Museum. 

Archival photographs from the Queensbridge Houses early history.

Karen, Left and Hazra, Right standing in front of their timeline photos.

The photography and collaborations as a collective are reflected in the photographs displayed on the yellow wall.

The video directed by 5 Corners collective in which each member of the QB Photo Collective introduced herself to museum visitors.

From Back Left to Right, Dorothy, Hazra, Janie, Marylin, Nafisa, Shirley

From Front Left to Right, Victoria, Karen, Cookie and Audry.


We Are Queensbridge

Fall 2021

In the spring and summer of 2021, the Queensbridge Photo Collective photographed members of the larger Queensbridge community. To celebrate the diversity, resilience and strength of the community, it turned these portraits into banners that it hung on lampposts and fences on 41st Avenue, the street that runs through the center of the Queensbridge Houses.   

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